How many times a day do you check your smartphone? Ten, thirty, a hundred times… All over the world, seminars, nature retreats, trips and wellness centres, such as Scandinave Spa, invite you to experience a digital detox. The only rule: absolutely no technology. It’s time to disconnect yourself to recharge yourself.

Digital detoxification is a period of time during which a person puts all their digital devices aside: cell phone, tablet, computer, etc. A moment of respite from the overabundance of information, virtual life and the need to respond quickly to any text message or email. Fortunately, more and more companies are adopting this trend and encouraging their employees to take time off work.

Hyperconnectivity and stress: the importance of disconnecting

Combined with multiple symptoms of addiction, overconnection leads to recurrent fatigue, stress, difficulty concentrating, impatience and irritability when looking for your device or running out of battery, a harmful habit of looking at your cellphone first thing when you wake up, ignoring the people around you when you are on your phone and a significant drop in productivity. Do you recognize yourself in any of these?

In the United Kingdom, an average user consults their mobile phone 150 times a day and spends 1.72 hours on social media alone. We type, swip and click on our phone an average of 2,617 times a day. Actions so deeply rooted in our habits that we no longer even realize it.

In addition, neurological scans show that overexposure to screens may result in damage to the brain. Indeed, structural and functional changes have been observed in areas of the brain involving emotional processing, decision-making, attention and cognitive control. A study conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health revealed a significant link between social media use and depression in young adults. Hence the importance of disconnecting from our technology once in a while… to better reconnect to the essential.

The benefits of a “digital break” and the benefits of nature

Taking time for yourself, relaxing, freeing yourself from the stress of modern life, there are so many reasons to take a break, however small it may be. In a study conducted by Mind, 95% of the people interviewed said that they felt a positive impact by putting their phones aside and spending more time outdoors: from depressed, anxious and stressed to much more calm and balanced.

One of the best ways to disconnect from the digital world is to be in nature. Studies have shown that blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and stress, decrease dramatically when you are in nature. More rested and energetic, we start our days with enthusiasm and increased productivity.

Hydrotherapy in nature: to 100% disconnect

Since 1999, Scandinave Spa has always wanted to offer an extraordinary rejuvenation experience. People are always connected now, even on holidays. Here, we offer them the opportunity to disconnect completely from the world for a day. As soon as they arrive, our visitors walk through a pathway surrounded by trees and nature to get to the reception. Inside, our ambassadors take the time to welcome them, introduce them to our facilities and invite them to leave their cell phones and other devices in their lockers. Our policy is strict: no cell phones or digital devices are tolerated on the site. It is time for relaxation, silence and well-being.

Are you ready for a digital break?

Enjoy your relaxation!