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Wellness and The Benefits of Nature at Home

When we released our first blog back in April about how to re-create the Scandinave Spa experience at home, we did not know how important taking time for personal wellness would be in 2020. As we enter the second wave of the COVID pandemic in Canada, we are more committed than ever, to help our guests explore their wellness rituals at home or outdoors, especially if you cannot visit the Spa soon.

One of the safest and healthiest experiences people could plan in 2020 is outdoor adventure. Now with shorter days and colder, wet weather it may not be as easy to motivate yourself to get outside. But being connected to nature and practicing taking time for yourself at home, can make a positive difference on our outlook for the future.

At Scandinave Spa, we believe nature is a catalyst, permitting us to slow down, relax, tune out technology and embrace silence. Our natural environment has also taught us to simply appreciate the diversity of all things. Escaping to nature is a simple pleasure. It’s comforting to feel part of a bigger ecosystem. It gives us a chance to remove ourselves from the centre of attention and allows us personal time to notice things we usually ignore.

So, how do we practice wellness and find a better personal connection at home? We have some tips:

Adjust your perspective

We are creatures of habit but being mindful can shift our focus to encounter and appreciate new things. Maybe your routine is always going for a walk to the same place and back. What new things do you see when you deliberately pay attention to your route? Even in the city, there is a lot of nature to notice amongst the buildings & concrete. You can decide to adjust your perspective wherever you are.

Engage your senses

Find a space where you are comfortable and safe – indoors or outdoors. Close your eyes and focus on sounds, smells and the feeling of air on your skin. Then open your eyes and consider what is around you. What do you feel? How we interpret sensations is influenced by our experiences and thoughts. Although not all sensations produce positive perceptions, paying attention to those that do are important to our well-being and mental health.

Disconnect and give notice

Disconnecting from technology as well as news & information has the same benefits as “nature therapy.” It increases our feelings of self and allows us to notice how we are interacting with others. It revives our feelings of empathy for our fellow humans and it can restore balance to our lives. Give yourself the gift of relaxation and everyone around you will benefit too.

Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain is now offering a selection of wellness-inspired packages for home. Offerings include our brand scented candles, specialty teas, mugs and cozy robes starting at $30.

Orders can be picked up curbside or shipped. For more information, visit our new Spa at Home page.

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