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How to maximize your monthly pass to the Scandinave Spa Whistler

Meghan Sutter Fall Fire Scandinave Whistler

They say you can’t buy happiness but getting a monthly pass to the Scandinave Spa Whistler is pretty darn close. As we settle into the rainy days of fall, your options for activities can be pretty limited. Instead of spiraling down a Netflix binge hole, peel yourself off your couch, and grab a pass to embrace hydrotherapy and start the most relaxing month of your life.

For $249, you will get unlimited weekday access for all of October or November. The deal is even better for locals. If you’re a Sea to Sky resident you can snag one of our Locals’ Monthly Passes for $199. Supply is limited on this deal, so you won’t want to sleep on this one.

The more you use your pass, the better value you get, so we’ve put together some tips to help you get the most from yours. Pack your bathing suit, grab your pass, follow these tips, and you’re in for a heck of a month of relaxation.

Buy Early, Use Often

These passes are active by calendar month. That means that an October pass runs from Oct 1-31. If you buy it on the 5th, you don’t get those days back. Savvy pass holders come in on the first of the month and then return for as many applicable days as possible till the 31st.

Passes are purchased as you check-in during your first visit, so there is no need to stop by before the first of the month unless you want to be sure to nab the limited locals’ rate.

Scandinave Whistler COVID check in

Post Work Ritual

What better way to switch off after a day of work than a few rounds of hydrotherapy? Whether it’s from sitting at a desk all day or lifting heavy things, your back will thank you for giving it some post workday TLC.

As a bonus, you could even get a bit of sleep-in time with this pass. You can skip your morning shower because you’ll be squeaky clean from the night before. Our change rooms and newly renovated showers come stocked with all the essentials; shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and even blow dryers.

Meghan Sutter Silence Scandinave Whistler

Buddy Up

Friends don’t let friends miss out on the Scandinave’s Fall Monthly Pass. You might not be able to talk much while you’re here, but the best relationships are comfortable with silence. If you’re craving a chat, our onsite bistro is the perfect place to catch up over a pre or post hydrotherapy mug of tea and healthy treat.

Grab your partner after work or carpool over with a friend. Having another person to remind you to go will help you squeeze in more visits on your pass.

Sauna Scandinave Spa Whistler

Kick Up Your Fitness

Believe it or not, ski season is right around the corner. Are your legs ready for it? Probably not. Now’s the time to put in the hard work, so you don’t feel the burn on opening day. The Scandinave Spa Whistler is conveniently located right beside Lost Lake Park and its network of trails. Go out for training run or hike right from the spa’s parking lot, followed by a few cycles of restorative hydrotherapy. Your legs will thank you.

Scandinave Spa Whistler Lost Lake Trails

Embrace the Staycation

It might be a while before we can jet away for a tropical vacation, but don’t let that stop you from escaping from the everyday. With this pass, you can spend the month drifting away in a hammock, de-stressing with hydrotherapy, and enjoy feeling warm and cozy. Don’t forget to pack that great book you’ve meant to get to. The natural light in the solariums makes them the perfect place to turn a few pages.

Most vacations are only a week-long; you’re actually going to get more days of relaxation – all without using vacation days. Winning!

You can learn more about all the finer details of the pass here. But don’t delay. Every day you wait is a day that could be spent in a haven of hydrotherapy.

Note: Priority entry to the spa is not included with this pass. Passholders are subject to the same entry system and potential wait lists as day visitors.