Employment opportunities

Scandinave Spa is always on the lookout for the best candidates to fill various positions in the company.

Current employment opportunities:



Massage therapist contractual (self-employed), working in partnership with Scandinave Spa, under the supervision of the massage therapist coordinator.


Provide Scandinave Spa clients the choice of Swedish relaxation massage or therapeutic massage treatments, in a single or duo massage room, as well as the option to provide deep tissue massage and prenatal massage services.


  • Minimum of 400 hours of training, with a concentration on Swedish massage; from a recognized institution,
  • Be a good-standing member of a Quebec recognized massage Association or Federation (so as to issue receipts to clients for medical insurance reimbursement),
  • Provide a proof of certification to Scandinave Spa,
  • Possess and provide proof of personal responsibility insurance for a minimum coverage of $1 000 000,
  • Enjoy interaction with the public, displaying empathy, professionalism and be in good mental and physical form,
  • Interview and practical exam to be conducted.

Send you resume to emilie@scandinave.com