Hours of Operation

What are the new hours for Scandinave Spa Whistler?

Why is the spa reducing their hours of operation?

Our response to COVID-19

Are masks mandatory at the spa?

Will proof of vaccination be required at Scandinave Spa Whistler?


Is there a waitlist every day?

Do you take reservations for hydrotherapy?

How do I guarantee access to the spa when I arrive?

If I am on a waitlist, how do I know when to return to the spa?

Why did I receive an email to check into the spa before I arrive?

Illness and Injury policies

I'm feeling sick, can I use the hydrotherapy installations and have a massage?

I have a injury, is the spa good for recovery?

Policies, reservations and other questions

What are the general policies?

How old do you need to be to visit the spa?

Are the treatments provided reimbursable by my private group insurance?

What are your opening hours?

Does the spa close on holidays?

How far ahead should reservations be made?

I identify as LGBTQ2IA+. Do you have a gender neutral bathroom or change room facilities?

What should I bring?

Since your facilities are outdoors, what happens in rain or poor weather?

Do you provide lodging packages?

Do you accept US Dollars?

Do you accept WAYSPA gift certificates?

How long can you stay at Scandinave Spa?

Can you stay at Scandinave Spa?

What is a Scandinavian bath?

Good to Know

Is drinking alcohol or smoking cannabis allowed?

Can we eat on site?

Are children allowed on site?

Gift certificates/cards

Health concerns and groups

I am pregnant. Can I have a massage anyway? Is it possible to experience hydrotherapy?

Can I receive care if I am under medication or suffering from certain health problems?

Is the site accessible for people with reduced mobility?

Is it necessary to fully undress to receive treatment?

Do you accept groups? Do you have special group rates?

Should I experience hydrotherapy before or after my massage?

Immerse yourself completely

The Baths

The Massages