Hours of Operation

What are the hours for Scandinave Spa Whistler?


What are your safety protocols and requirements?

Walk-in Access

How do I access the baths without a reservation?

Why can't I add my name to the waitlist?

If I am on the waitlist, how do I know when to check-in to the spa?

Why did I receive an email to check into the spa before I arrive?

Illness and Injury policies

I'm feeling sick, can I use the hydrotherapy installations and have a massage?

I have a physical injury, is the spa good for recovery?

I have a health condition, can I use the spa?

Policies, reservations and other questions

What are the main policies?

What are your peak seasons or peak period pricing dates?

Can I see terms and conditons?

What forms of payment are accepted?

How old do you need to be / are children allowed?

Are the massages reimbursable by my private group insurance?

How far ahead should reservations be made?


Do you have a gender neutral bathroom or change room facilities?

Good to Know

What should I bring?

What are Scandinavian baths?

How long can you stay at Scandinave Spa?

Do you provide lodging packages?

Since your facilities are outdoors, what happens in rain or poor weather?

Is drinking alcohol or smoking cannabis allowed?

Is there somewhere to eat?

Gift certificates/cards

Health concerns and groups

I am pregnant. Can I have a massage anyway? Is it possible to experience hydrotherapy?

Is the site accessible for people with reduced mobility?

Is it necessary to fully undress to receive treatment?

Do you accept groups? Do you have special group rates?

Should I experience hydrotherapy before or after my massage?

Immerse yourself completely

The Baths

The Massages