kirsten sweetland running in forest

My reason

My Reason Video Series

Hydrotherapy is well known for its healing powers, stimulating circulation, eliminating toxins, but what’s your Reason? What brings you to the Scandinave Spa to experience the healing benefits of hydrotherapy? The My Reason video series explores the lives of local athletes and ambassadors and how they incorporate the Scandinave Spa into their Whistler lifestyle. From knee surgery, to stress relief and breathing techniques watch the series to identify with our local ambassadors on their way to success. Discover elite athlete’s training at the peak of their career, while local business owner’s open their doors in a competitive market. Everyone’s different. We all have individual challenges. We all have our own “My Reason”.

Season 2

Robert Borzos

Scandinave Spa Massage Technician
Horseback Archer

Kirsten Sweetland

Olympic Distance Triathlete
Redbull and Olympic athlete

Yoann Barelli

Professional Mountain Bike Athlete
Giant Factory Off-Road Team

My Reason Season 1

April Solonyka

Owner & Manager
Stonesedge Whistler Restaurant





Simon d’Artois

Professional Skier
Canadian National Halfpipe Team

Suz Graham

Professional Freeskier
Base Jump | Skydive | Wingsuit