drone shot of Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain.

Spa Experience

Extraordinary Destination

We are often asked what makes Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain in Ontario different from other spas across Canada. Firstly, the Spa is situated on a 25 acre parcel of natural forest of Ontario birch, Canadian maple and pine trees with expansive views of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve Niagara Escarpment. Secondly, being located in Ontario’s premier four-season region, South Georgian Bay, means Guests can experience outdoor relaxation any time of the year.  In the warmer months, explore our self-guided, certified Forest Bathing Trail and keep an eye out for wildlife, like turtles, wild turkeys and deer.  In the Fall, Guests are treated to views of colourful tree foliage along the Escarpment and in the winter, soak in the outdoor Baths while watching Blue Mountain Resort skiers carve down the slopes under the night lights.

Our Quality Guarantee 

Since opening in December 2006, Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain has been committed to providing a safe and healthy spa experience.  Investments to modernize, refresh and improve the overall quality of our daily operations, environmental sustainability, and the Guest experience is an ongoing priority. Learn more about Scandinave Spa’s Sustainable Tourism 2030 Pledge.

Immerse yourself in the world of relaxation for awhile. We encourage you to discover & explore every aspect of the experience during your visit.

Thermal Spa Experience


The first stage includes heating the body up which dilates the blood vessels on the surface of the skin, reduces blood pressure, and increases blood flow to the skin and muscles. The increase in body temperature causes considerable perspiration, which helps cleanse the skin and release the body’s negative energy.

  • Eucalyptus Steam Bath
  • Finnish Sauna
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Hot Baths


The second stage includes closing the pores of the skin with a brief, but, highly beneficial cool rinse. A dip in the cold plunge helps to release endorphins, and increase your heart rate. This stage is where you will receive the most benefit of the hot-cold-relax circuit.

  • Nordic Waterfall
  • Cold Showers
  • Cold Plunge Baths
  • Roll in the snow

Relaxation Areas

The final stage is designed to allow the cardiovascular system to regulate itself.  After spending time in hot and cold environments, it is recommended to rest the body to help stabilize blood flow and heart rate. This is a time for body & mind rest and relaxation.

  • Solariums
  • Hammocks
  • Muskoka Chairs
  • Loungers
  • Outdoor Fireplaces

Your Spa Journey

Take time to benefit your health & wellness by experiencing our outdoor Baths & installations.

Other Amenities


Enjoy a selection of locally-catered sandwiches, salads, soup and wraps, as well as tasty treats, coffee and tea. Gluten-free and vegetarian options also available.


Enhance your visit with spa essentials including robes, sandals, bathing suits, water bottles and more. Guests can also add specialty packages to their day or extend their relaxation with wellness inspired teas, candles and other seasonal offerings. Items also available online.

Our Philosophy


There’s no wifi at the Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain, but we promise you will find a better connection.

Nature Spa

There’s nothing like the smell, sounds and sight of nature while you escape from your everyday routine.


Respecting the tranquil environment is essential to the enjoyment of your day. Quiet and inner stillness results in better relaxation. Embrace it.

Water quality

Health and safety commitment. Water quality is tested 4 times per day. Water quality reports are available upon request.