Reserve in advance for best availability and to guarantee your spa day. Walk-ups are welcome and are subject to availability. If the spa is at capacity, guests may be added to a wait list.

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Same Day Access

Walk In & Wait List

Guests can arrive at the Spa to check for walk-in availability for the Thermal Journey. If the spa is at capacity, guests may be subject to a Wait List. The Wait List can also be accessed online. Payment is required at check-in. Guests must be 18+ to enjoy the spa.

Wait List Access

  • The Wait List opens when the Spa reaches capacity.
  • The Wait List is managed online and is easy to sign up here.
  • The Wait List is for Guests without a reservation only.
  • Guests on the Wait List should be in the area and able to check-in on short notice.
  • A group of 4 people max. can be added to the Wait List at the same time.
  • Guests will receive text (SMS) notifications and can text chat for updates. Please do not call the Spa.
  • Wait times vary due to capacity limitations. Being on the Wait List does not guarantee access.
  • Guests will be required to pay upon check-in and must be 18 years old to enjoy the Spa.
  • Entries on the Wait List do not carry over from one day to the next day.


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Important to Know

Prepare for Your Visit

Guests should bring appropriate bathing suit attire, which includes religious swimwear. Sandals or flip flops and a reusable water bottle are recommended. Guests can also bring their own robe or rent one.

Upon arrival, all Guests receive two towels, a wristband and locker for their belongings.


  • Rental Robes can be purchased when enjoying the Thermal Journey.
  • Water stations are located throughout the Spa for Guests to re-full their water bottles.
  • Tea sampling stations are also available
  • Bathing Suits, sandals and other Spa day Essentials are available in the Spa Boutique. Guests can also order items online in advance of their arrival. Visit the online Boutique.
  • The Spa Bistro is open from 11:30am-7pm daily. Light and healthy selections are offered, including gluten-free items.

NOTE: Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain is a quiet experience for everyone to enjoy. The use of digital devices, phones and cameras are not permitted in the Massage pavilion and in the Thermal Baths. Please be kind and respectful of Spa protocols and other Guests. Thank you.