Hot, cold, relax

Scandinavian baths

Experience this traditional Scandinavian treatment with a cycle of heat, refreshing cold rinse, and relax,  and receive the many benefits and healing properties of water. Cleanse your skin, improve your physical well-being, and discover how rewarding hydrotherapy can be. For total relaxation, treat yourself to a soothing massage.

Our all-inclusive formula. Just bring your bathing suit. We provide the essentials: bathrobe, one towel, sandals, electronic padlock and shower products. On site, we offer organic herbal teas, fresh fruits, and a smoothie.


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What You Should Know

Scandinave Spa is a silent and digital free facility for ages 18 +.

Fruits, smoothie, and tea are included.

Bathing suit are mandatory but not included.

No reservations required for the baths experience .

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