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From Monday to Friday, October 23 to December 22, 2023, Monday to Friday

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Enveloped in the historic stone landscape of Old Montreal, root yourself in complete silence and a digital detox while journeying through cycles of hot, cold and relaxation installations at this completely indoor escape. Let us defy your expectations of what relaxation looks and feels like with our completely immersive exploration of mind and body at our urban spa location.

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Thermal Therapy

Just as Scandinavian drakkars explored new territories hundreds of years ago, you will seek a new and deeper state of relaxation. Our immersive journey through hot, cold, and relaxation installations is integrated into one of Old-Montreal's most spectacular locations.

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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy with a skilled practitioner heightens the benefits of your included thermal therapy experience. Registered massage therapists offer treatments ranging from a gentle and soothing Swedish Massage to the firmer and more therapeutic options of Restorative and Deep Tissue to prepare the body for sport or other activities.

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