Dusk falls on Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain, the trees are covered in snow and ice.

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Watch our new video showcasing new protocols and how to enjoy a visit this fall.

Additional Measures

Space and Nature

Relaxation in the heart of nature is at the core of everything we do. We have significantly reduced the number of guests experiencing the spa at any one time in order to open up space in common areas indoors. Our outdoor amenities have been reorganized to maintain 2 metre physical distancing. To encourage more relaxation, our solariums and lounges have been reorganized to permit 2 metres between guests. Guests are also limited to groups of 2 people preferably from the same household or in a limited social bubble.

Quality and Hygiene

Scandinave Spa is renowned for a top quality personal service experience. To meet provincial guidelines, staff continuously clean our high traffic areas throughout the day. Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the spa. Guests are asked to follow hygiene protocols to ensure everyone’s safety. Our staff is always available to help with any of your concerns.

Health and Prevention

We offer guests a spa experience that promotes well-being, nature, tranquility and digital detox. Scandinave Spas have taken increased measures to ensure the health of our guests and our staff, including taking pre-arrival assessment information and minimizing the arrival of guests and staff at the same time. Our massage protocols include a reduced schedule and DUO massage treatments are not available. Greeting areas, workspaces and break rooms have also been reorganized to accommodate physical distancing.

Responsibility and Sustainability

We commit to provide a safe, accessible and sustainable environment for everyone. We understand that protocols and guidelines may change over time and that some things will be different for now. The integrity of our spa experience remains focused on your well-being and the positive spirit of our team members. With your help and support to follow protocols and guidelines, Scandinave Spa will remain a trusted destination for everyone.

We have implemented the POST Promise to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as recommended by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain has also been awarded the World Travel & Tourism Council #SafeTravels Stamp. This certification recognizes our business has adopted health and hygiene global standards so guests can experience “Safe Travels.”

We have received many positive comments about our new measures and protocols:

“Very relaxing, staff is excellent and they are taking COVID precautions very seriously.”
Nicole O.



We are open

We have new protocols and important information for you to know in advance of your visit.


Due to the evolving nature of the pandemic, protocols and guidelines may change. We recommend guests follow the health and travel advisories by Canada Public Health. We may not have all your questions answered so if you need more information, please email our Guest Service team here.

What hygiene measures and sanitary guidelines will be implemented?

Our cleaning and disinfection protocol have always exceeded the requirements of health authorities. Every day operations is focused on water quality and cleaning of the high traffic areas. Overall building maintenance and cleaning of all indoor and outdoor areas are disinfected daily.

In addition to regular cleaning, new disinfection procedures have been added to increase the sanitation of frequently touched surfaces such as lockers, door handles, and handrails.

Our Baths are treated with health-approved levels of chlorine & bromine. Treated water is a low risk for virus and bacteria transmission. Water quality control tests are preformed twice as frequently as required by local health authorities, to ensure that the water quality is optimal during all hours of operation. In addition, an independent company conducts water tests every two weeks.

What enhanced hygiene protocols should we expect?

– Hand sanitizing stations have been installed throughout the site, including entrances and exits.
– High traffic areas at check-in including tablets and pin pads are sanitized after each Guest.
– Locker rooms are frequently disinfected by dedicated attendants.
– All Guests are required to shower before and after their massage and/or entrance to the Baths.
– Two towels are provided to guests during their visit. Guests are required to sit on a towel in relaxation areas and will be monitored by our staff to ensure that each guest always has a towel on site.
– Massage Rooms undergo detailed cleaning after each treatment as per College of Massage Therapists of Ontario requirements.

Will you be assessing the health of guests and staff members?

We have always encouraged employees to stay home if they are unwell. We are now taking temperatures of all employees in advance of their shift and after 4 hours at the Spa.
Guests are screened prior to entering the reception area and are required to fill out a waiver form at check-in that includes health and safety questions.
Guests may also be given a temperature check upon arrival or in advance of massage treatment.
Massage Guests will fill out an additional COVID-19 health form in advance of their treatment.

How will physical distancing be implemented?

The overall number of guests on-site at all times has been reduced to less than 40% of pre-COVID capacity. In order to respect a minimum distance of two meters per guest, staggered check-ins and locker room access has been implemented.

All areas of the indoor and outdoor activity have capacity limitations and are monitored by our staff. Groups of people experiencing the spa together is limited to 2 at this time, preferably guests living together or in a limited social bubble.

New signage gently reminds guests of physical distancing protocols as well as other important health and safety measures.

What if a guest is sick?  

The spa will refuse check-in to any person who is symptomatic, has recently traveled outside of Canada or who has been exposed to someone with a suspected, probable, or confirmed case of COVID-19 within the past 14 days.

Registered Massage Therapists will also refuse treatment to a guest that has any symptoms, traveled outside of Canada or who has been exposed to someone with a suspected, probable, or confirmed case of COVID-19 within the past 14 days.

Can I still enjoy the experience with a friend or spouse?

The Scandinave Spa experience is a really relaxing outdoor activity to enjoy with a friend, partner or family member. We have limited access to groups of 2 people maximum.

The layout of our outdoor and indoor relaxation areas have been reconfigured to permit 2 meters distance from other guests. We ask all guests to be respectful of other guests experience and their space.

Please note, we are unable to offer DUO massage treatments during this first phase of opening.

Is wearing a mask mandatory?

Grey Bruce Public Health have made wearing a mask or face covering mandatory in enclosed public places. All guests are required to wear a mask while indoors during their visit. Masks are mandatory for guests and Registered Massage Therapists during massage treatments. Masks are not mandatory while outdoors in the Baths activity. We recommend guests bring their own mask for optimal comfort and fit.


If you have more general questions about our spa products and services, please visit our FAQ page.