Scandinavia is a rugged area, comprised of five countries: Finland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden.  Collectively, they conjure images of glacial streams, rugged mountainous peaks, Volvo automobiles and hearty, happy, healthy, inhabitants.  Perhaps an aid to their wellbeing is an age-old Finnish tradition dating back thousands of years, which used water to invoke physical and mental relaxation.

Scandinave Spa brought this tradition to Canada.  Unlike other spa concepts in the country, the Scandinave Spa experience is actually more like a ‘bath’ than a spa.  It revolves around the Hot-Cold-Relax-Repeat cycle that enhances circulation and muscle relaxation.  Thanks to the strict silent spa etiquette; the mind is perhaps the greatest benefactor.

Scandinave = Mandinave

35% of all spa goers are men. – Conde Nast Traveler Magazine 

If you look at the stereotypical spa experience, generally spas are focused more toward women.  Perhaps this means that women place a higher degree of focus on health and relaxation…which is just plain smart.  It also recognizes that the vast majority of men are way out of their comfort zone in a traditional spa experience.

At Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain, lots of men use the facility as part of their personal health regime.  A wide variety of men regularly use the facility including professional hockey players, tennis pros and golf professionals as well as avid skiers and snowboarders, cyclists, and everyday dads.  Most men admit it took a bit to get them in the door, but once they experienced the benefits, they were hooked.

Spa Man Myths

We talk to our male users regularly to ensure we are meeting their needs.  They have offered the following information to dispel any myths about a man’s spa experience.

Myth: You have to be a Sugar Daddy to afford it.

Fact: Bath access is only $50 per person.

Myth: It’s creepy to go alone.

Fact: Alone or with a friend or loved one, the Scandinavian Bath concept is all about personal healing and relaxation.

Myth: It’s not cool for a man to have a bath.

Fact: ‘Bath’ is an ancient term for ‘immersion’ in water or steam for cleansing or medicinal purposes.  No rubber duckies here.

Myth: I will be bored out of my mind.

Fact: This is where you can power nap and no one will nag you…or we have loads of sports and auto magazines to pass the time.

Myth: I might snore or drool while napping.

Fact: It’s all a part of the relaxation process.

Myth: The ‘Cold Plunge’ will make ‘it’ disappear.

Fact: Only for a few seconds.  It does come back.

Myth: I will smell like a lavender garden when I leave.

Fact: You are your own lotion control board.

Myth: I have to get naked.

Fact: Only to put on your swimsuit in our change room.

Myth: I have to wear a Speedo.

Fact: Swimsuits are required, but you can cover up as little or as much as you like. However, we do discourage thongs for obvious reasons…

During your first manly visit, request a tour from one of our great staff.  They will explain the entire process and put your mind at ease.

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