A journey towards relaxation.

Be adventurous and embrace extreme temperatures, silence, and digital detox in a journey towards wellness. Scandinave Spa will defy your expectations of what relaxation looks and feels like. Set your intention and trust the process. 

Your journey towards relaxation will challenge you as you move through intense stages of heat and cold. Deep relaxation is finally found when silence, breath and stillness unite. Settle into rest, calm the mind and centre on the present.  


Hot | 15 Minutes

Enjoy the heat

Increasing body temperature causes the blood vessels on the surface of the skin to dilate, reducing blood pressure and improving blood flow to the skin and muscles so a state of calm and introspection can be achieved.

The dry sauna is the hottest installation of the thermal journey. Turn the hourglass over once inside the sauna and challenge yourself to stay 15 minutes in extreme heat. It is key to control your breathing.

Cold | 30 Seconds

Embrace the cold

This step causes the pores of the skin to close, trapping previously absorbed heat, and increasing blood pressure thus priming the body to eliminate toxins and the muscles to release tension.

The cold plunge is the coldest installation of the thermal journey. Breathe consciously as you submerge yourself, with control, from head to toe. As the shock of the extreme cold takes your breath away, control your instinct to exit and embrace the challenge of staying submerged for a few seconds to a few minutes in extreme cold.

Relax | 15 Minutes

Live in the moment

Treat yourself to a period of complete rest. Sit back and relax. Close your eyes and enjoy the benefits of thermal therapy. During this step, resting helps the body resume normal blood circulation and heart rate.

This is an ideal time to introduce yourself to meditation. Concentrate on breathing deeply and evenly while quieting racing thoughts so the mind can fall silent, and the body can focus on recovery. Go further with your relaxation and make the conscious effort to bring the mind back to the present during these singlular moments of calm and introspection.

The benefits of hydrotherapy at Scandinave Spa include improving sleep and athletic performance, stiumlating the immune system, flushing out toxins, improving skin appearance, blood flow, digestion, slowing aging



Improves sleep quality | Improves physical performance | Stimulates the immune system | Flushes out toxins | Improves skin appearance | Improves blood flow | Improves digestion | Slows body aging

Hydrotheraphy at Scandinave Spa supports mental health, fosters calm and introspection​, reduces fatigue, releases tension​, improves memory and alertness, stimulates creativity.



Supports mental health | Fosters calm and introspection​ | Reduces fatigue​ | Releases tension​ | Improves memory and alertness​ | Stimulates creativity

Maximize the benefits

Trust the process

Scandinave Spa is a spa that does not allow any electronic devices on site. Digital detox and silence are important aspects of their thermal therapy journey.

Disconnect from electronic devices.

The absence of electronic devices on site is essential to everyone’s relaxation. Disconnect for a few hours and feel the benefits. Smartphones, e-readers and laptops belong in the lockers.

Scandinave Spa is a silent spa experience that does not allow talking on site. Digital detox and silence are important aspects of their thermal therapy journey.

Cultivate silence and lose the notion of time.

The white noise of nature may sound unfamiliar, but silence is essential to achieve deep relaxation. Silence is the antidote to the constant stimulation of a noisy world.

Embrace an exclusive journey.

We welcome guests 18 years and over, to dedicate themselves to our curated silent and digital free spaces. This opportunity for introspection and relaxation is our commitment to you.

Your journey your way

The VIP thermal journey access includes a guaranteed access to thermal therapy the day of your choice with no time limit, two towels, a bathrobe rental and a locker.

Thermal Journey

The thermal journey includes access to thermal therapy upon availability with no time limit, two towels and a locker.

The VIP thermal journey access includes a guaranteed access to thermal therapy the day of your choice with no time limit, two towels, a bathrobe rental, a locker and a relaxation or specialized massage of 60 or 120 minutes.

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Massage Therapy

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