Andrea Traynor, aka Mommy Gearest, is an outgoing, down-to-earth suburban working mom with 2 kids under the age of 10. Juggling dinners, lunches, after school activities, before school activities and building a thriving online presence is exhausting, but this extraordinary mommy somehow does it all looking flawless and fabulous. Perhaps it helps having a supportive purse holding husband by her side and loyal followers that appreciate and respect her authentic voice and honest reviews.

Andrea’s travels throughout North America often include her 2 young children, but there are occasions when her and her husband like to adventure on some much-needed mommy and daddy time.

Andrea’s recent 3-day adventure to Grey County had her experience some of the region’s best kept, secret and not so secret, places including Scandinave Spa. Read all about her romantic escape with her husband and how they were enthusiastically surprised by the number of fantastic activities and restaurants Grey County has to offer.  She couldn’t recommend it enough for couples looking to getaway from the everyday to relax and unwind.

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When planning a mid-week getaway to Scandinave Spa, remember to book 4 months in advance and pack some power bars and comfortable hiking shoes along with your swimsuit and flip flops…your going to need them!

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