Silence is highly valued at Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain. This can be seen from the time you make your way to the building to the time you leave. Signs are posted requesting that you respect the silence.  We thought we’d explain why.

While the Baths have many healing effects, it is the silence that allows guests to experience complete relaxation and reflection. Many people who visit Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain come to disconnect, self-reflect and refuel the mind, body and soul. We feel silence allows us to see the real world as it should be, and take in its natural beauty without distractions.

Most guests visiting come with at least one other person. We do understand that there are times you might want to communicate with each other, but this can be disruptive to others. As a means to encourage silence, we have come up with some fun and easy ways for you to communicate without talking.

Meet Brian Thorkal.  Brian loves his time at the Spa.  What Brian doesn’t like is people who break his state of utter supreme relaxation by chatting.  Spa silence is a significant part of the healing process for Brian’s mind, body and soul.  Brian values his spa experience so much that he created this educational video on how to communicate in the spa using only actions…no words.  Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh