Just relax. It’s easier said than done.

Silence is an essential part of the relaxation process. That’s why silence is at the heart of the Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain’s relaxation circuit experience, and it’s highly valued by both our guests and us.


Silence is defined as a quietness, noiselessness or peacefulness and is often used to describe or connect to a state of relaxation, mental calmness, or tranquility.

While the hydrotherapy Baths have many healing effects, it is the essential atmosphere of silence, which allows guests to experience a complete state of relaxation and reflection. We feel silence allows us to see the real world as it should be, and take in its natural beauty without distractions. Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain offers guests an age-old Finnish tradition that utilizes hydrotherapy and a quiet atmosphere as a way to obtain physical and mental relaxation.

Most guests visiting come with at least one other person. We do understand that there are moments you might want to communicate with each other, but this can be disruptive to others and their attempt to unwind. We know it’s difficult to be completely silent so we ask that when you do have to communicate, you engage your “Spa Voice”.

What is your Spa Voice? It’s a hushed, soft toned whisper, which allows you maintain a culture of peacefulness and stillness. Your Spa Voice can often be connected with additional silent body signals. Check out some humorous ways you can communicate with body language and your Spa Voice at Scandinave here.

Experiencing a tranquil, peaceful environment doesn’t have to be difficult. Why not use the time soaking in the Baths circuit as an opportunity to steal back a few quiet moments just for you?

The effects of a few minutes of silence can have a tremendous impact on your state of mind, awareness and your perspective on the world around you.silence blog photo

Here are some easy ways to use silence & your spa voice at Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

  1. Bring a book to enjoy while sitting next to a crackling campfire, swinging in a hammock or in one of the solariums;
  2. Give yourself permission to try a solo trip to the Baths. Internal silence is just as powerful as external silence;
  3. If you are coming with a guest, consider connecting quietly during lunch in the bistro so that you, your friend and those around you can achieve the exact level of relaxation your mind and body need while in the Baths.
  4. Consider a few minutes (or hours) of silence while soaking in the Baths as an opportunity to disconnect from the world and enjoy the culture of silence.

Why Silence at Scandinave is Good for your Health

Stress can come from over-stimulation on the body and the fact that we’re constantly ‘wired on’. Being quiet can lead to real physical benefits, which assists our bodies with mitigating stress and negativity. Combine silence with a relaxation routine and you’re got a recipe for success.

  • Silence provides you with more energy and a stronger mind-body connection.
  • Silence reduces stress levels including lowering blood cortisol levels, regulating hormones and adrenaline levels.
  • Silence gives you a stronger connection with your surroundings. Your senses become more active and aware.
  • Silence enhances your ability to fully listen. When you don’t feel compelled to talk, you become more present in the moment.
  • Silence helps soothe the mind and allows your central nervous system to relax.
  • Silence can stimulate inspiration, creativity and problem solving abilities.
  • Silence allows your mind and body to relax and decompress and prepare you for your day ahead.

Sporting a tagline of ‘handmade in Finnish silence’, Finland encourages visitors to experience the country’s famous Saunas, Baths and Relaxation centers and absorb it all – in silence. Understanding the powerful effects of silence, visitfindland.com highlights that “Modern society often is intolerably loud and busy. Silence is a limited resource that people long and wish to experience.”

Finn silence

The country has felt so strongly about the wellness benefits behind the act of being silent that they put silence into the forefront of the minds of visitors and locals alike.

Silence is highly valued at Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain. To get the most out of your overall experience, we ask that guests respect this core component of the relaxation circuit in an effort to benefit all guests. Giving yourself permission to just be silent can be a powerful tool.

Come to Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain and disconnect, self-reflect and refuel the mind, body and soul with silence….#shhhRelax.