Stress can take quite the toll on a person’s body and overall health. Anyone who has dealt with a stressful life event such as death, divorce or serious illness, can attest to the effect that stress can have on one’s mind and body. While our body naturally knows how to heal itself, the healing process takes time. During this time, there are things we can do to help our bodies with this.

healingHealing takes place in the body without your conscious participation, the best thing you can do is remove as much interference as possible. Research has found that finding a state of complete relaxation is profoundly healing. When the body is free of stress and tension, its natural tendency is to restore balance. This requires that not only is the body completely relaxed, but the mind as well; meaning that one’s mind needs to be free from distraction. This being said, silence and the right environment are very important factors when trying to obtain complete relaxation.

QuietOften spas offer the perfect environment required for the healing process. With the high value put on silence, visitors are provided with a quiet and tranquil setting to realize complete relaxation.

Hydrotherapy is another method that can assist the body with the healing process. It is used to revitalize, maintain and restore health. Hydrotherapy consists of the application of hot and cold temperatures including treatments such as hot and cold baths, saunas and steam baths. Alternating between hot and cold temperatures causes the blood vessels to dilate and constrict altering the body’s blood circulation. This process results in stimulating the immune system, decreasing pain and inflammation and releasing toxins; which ultimately treats and heals the effects of stress.

hydrotherapyResearch has found that hydrotherapy may be useful in the treatment of cancer, chronic fatigue and depression, especially the use of cold treatment. Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain’s award-winning Baths offer a circuit of hot, cold, relax, and repeat. This type of hydrotherapy comes from the age-old Finnish tradition that dates back thousands of years, using water as a means to obtain physical and mental relaxation. To gain the full potential, it is recommended that people do at least three circuits per visit to experience the benefits.

Scandinave SpaIf you are currently dealing with a stressful time in your life and are in need of healing, or are looking to strengthen your immune system and remove the stresses of daily life, visiting Scandinave Spa on a regular basis can be very beneficial in the healing process. Call us to discuss how we can help: 1-877-988-8484


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