Wondering why we love to cold plunge as part of the Thermal Journey at Scandinave Spa? Most people know that it helps reduce inflammation, but few are aware of its incredible benefits beyond that. Cold plunge therapy can do much more than reduce inflammation, and it’s time you learn about the lesser-known perks.   

First, cold plunge therapy is great for building mental resilience. You can increase your ability to deal with other types of stress by intentionally exposing yourself to controlled discomfort. Challenge yourself to stay calm and focus on your breath as you approach this experience. 

When you immerse yourself in cold water, you get a rush of endorphins and a spike in dopamine. Embracing the discomfort felt during the rapid temperature change when cold plunging is like completing a task from your to-do list. Your mind recognizes that you have committed to a challenge and rewards you with an uptick of the “feel-good hormones.” 


Finally, cold plunge therapy also helps to boost injury recovery, as cold water helps to reduce swelling and encourages circulation. From the mountain to the golf course – and everything in between, rapidly cooling the body will help you recover and feel ready to take on your next adventure.  

So don’t just think of cold plunge therapy as a way to reduce inflammation – think of it as an all-encompassing health therapy. Experiencing a cold plunge as part of the thermal journey at Scandinave Spa is the perfect way to align your mind and body. 

Now go jump in that cold plunge – you can thank us later.