It’s a new year and Scandinave Spa knows a thing or two about making life more enjoyable. In this New Year’s blog, we share four Scandinave Spa pro tips to enjoy life more in 2023.

Each of our tips are infused with our love for well-being, our thirst for adventure and our DNA as a true Scandinavian spa. We hope that this post helps you achieve a happy and healthy 2023, and as we wish you as much relaxation as possible in this fast-paced world.

Four Tips to Enjoy Life More

Number 1.This winter, combine your athletic pursuits, from the ski slopes to the gym with our thermal journey. It’s the perfect combo to do solo, as a couple or in group for a cold weather experience that is both thrilling and comforting. Choose your dream destination from Old Montreal, Mont-Tremblant, Whistler or Blue Mountain.

Number 2. When it comes to extreme temperatures, don’t skip the cold-water step at the spa. Embrace this shocking plunge; the strength you draw on to submerge yourself and the effect on your nervous system make frigid immersions an ally in cultivating resilience and happiness in your daily life. Our most Scandinavian tip!

Number 3. To greatly enhance your quality-of-life, we encourage you to embark on a new year with more time offline. Whether it’s at the spa, in your favourite restaurant, with friends, family or alone, take the opportunity to turn off your notifications so you can be present and truly savour the moment.

Number 4. Finally, commit to scheduling your relaxation time and, if you can, set aside an annual budget specifically earmarked for wellness. Try integrating some of our pro tips into 2023 to make more space for wellness and enjoy life more in 2023.

Happy New Year 2023

The Scandinave Group team,

Read on to find out more.

Combine sports activities and thermal therapy.

Our thermal spas in Canada are in iconic regions where it is easy to combine sports activities and thermotherapy. Ski and spa at Scandinave Spa Whistler, Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain and Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant for a good dose of adrenaline combined with dopamine, the happiness hormone, from some après thermotherapy. Watch our ambassador and pro skier Alexi Godbout hurtle down the slopes, it’s thrilling!

Our partner Spin Énergie, located near Scandinave Spa Vieux-Montréal, is the perfect destination to experience an exhilarating and urban version of spin and spa. Whether you’re more of a city person or a nature person, combining sports activities and a spa journey is an ideal combination! Now that’s an easy resolution to keep.

Make cold water your daily happiness ally.

If you’re one of those people who skip the cold-water step at the spa, this 2023 tip may seem daunting. At Scandinave Spa, we love cold water for its benefits on the body and mind. And, we are not the only ones who believe in the health benefits.

Have you heard of the Wim Hof method? This cold-water icon brings together a worldwide community of enthusiasts, and more and more Canadians are joining the movement. Our guide and ambassador Scott Simons has this to say to help you see 2023 in a new light: “If you can manage your stress in cold water, you can manage it anywhere. Our ambassador Magali Tisseyre is also a fan.

For a baby step towards integrating this practice into your life, try rinsing under cold water after a hot shower for a few seconds as a home spa routine and a true source of simple and free happiness! You’ll see, cold water is a sport, and it expends energy! Maximize this moment by breathing consciously with control.

Another way to tame the cold water is to visit one of our thermal spas. Discover all the intensity of our thermal journey by learning its secrets here. Push your limits by taking the challenge of guided thermotherapy, a hosted event that teaches you to manage stress in cold water through the power of conscious breathing.

Disconnect from your devices more often.

The Scandinave Spa relaxation journey is unique from any other spa experience for one important reason: it is electronic-free. It’s important to know what you’re getting into when you visit one of our spas.

Some guests may be reluctant to let go of their smartphones during their relaxation journey. We understand this all too well; we all live in a hyper-connected world that encourages us to be constantly connected to networks.

Our advice to you: challenge yourself to forget about your electronic devices, not only during your visits to the spa, but also as often as possible, especially during family time or dinners out with friends.

Let’s disconnect from our devices and connect better as human beings in 2023. The choice is ours to take control of how we live in the present moment; to be there in body but vacant in spirit or to choose to be fully and consciously present in the moment.

Plan your wellness moments with or without massage therapy.

Our calendars fill up quickly, but our wellness is often under-represented in all those virtual meetings and email reminders. By planning ahead, it’s easier to move from intention to action when it comes to making time for self-care.

Do you have insurance that covers massage therapy? January is the perfect time to plan your relaxation time with massage therapy for the year. For other experiences that promote wellness, keep your eye out for promotions that allow you to save money, whether they are one-time or year-round, such as subscriptions and loyalty programs.

Happy New Year, under a banner of wellness!