The practice of giving and receiving gifts is a tradition, especially over the holidays. So much so that we quickly stress at the thought of finding the perfect gift.

Why not aim for a more personalized, intangible experience? Why not offer a moment rather than a gift?

At a time when concern for the environment is real, minimalist lifestyle is trendy, and work-life balance is day-to-day quest, it is time for a genuine reflection of the gift-giving culture.

What would happen if instead of giving gifts, we gave experiences? What would happen if instead of exchanging gifts, we shared memorable moments?

An experience of…


“The most beautiful gifts are rarely material ones,” as Jean-Pier Gravel so fittingly puts it.

In 2019, offer an experience to your loved ones.
We are pretty sure they will be happier by receiving something shareable, something immaterial with a lot of benefits.

Happy Holidays and we look forward to welcome you.
Your Scandinave Spa team