Massage is a wonderful natural therapy for the mind and body and an important tool to add to your self-care list.

How we think and feel has a great impact on our overall well-being.  When we are relaxed all the cells in the body respond, immunity is improved and healing is increased, and a sense of calm is felt.

Life can be a full journey of complexity and it is important to balance our self-care.

Massage is associated with relaxation which is well needed in this busy world we live in. Reducing stress and improving sleep are two of the main benefits of receiving a massage. When our mind and body are out of balance, triggers for headaches and migraines can become common, so another great reason to include massage into your well care program.

Massage focuses on relaxing muscles and connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints.  This can improve the fluid and flexibility in movement and lessen the experience to injury where stress is alleviated and tension and pain in the body is eased.

Studies have shown that massage can increase Serotonin {a chemical that carries messages between nerve cells in the brain and throughout your body. It plays a key role in such body functions as mood, sleep, digestion, nausea, wound healing, bone health and more } & Dopamine  { a chemical released in the brain that makes you feel good } Levels. Serotonin and Dopamine are often called the” happy hormones” because they promote well-being.

Having regular massages can help maintain and improve posture. As human beings we spend a significant amount of our lives sitting in various positions and postures for a variety of things; eating, driving, studying, office work, etc. It is common to not sit in the correct posture for your spine for extended periods of time. Your muscles are also affected in the process. The muscles start to adjust to maintain the imbalanced posture.

Stress can also be a factor in developing imbalanced posture. Stress beyond a certain point can attribute to more frequent muscle contractions than normal and this can lead to bad posture over time.

This means that your mental health can and does affect your physical body. Common areas of how stress manifests in the body are the neck and shoulders.

Massage rebalances the flow of energy in the body and encourages our body and mind to find peace and balance by supporting our own unique homeostatic state of being. When in our true balance and flow we are less reactive to everyday stressors. We can observe situations with calmness and find solutions easily. This influences a life of ease rather than dis-ease.

Studies have also shown that patients recovering from cancer treatments who receive regular massages have less fatigue, giving the immune system a boost and lowering stress level which in turn influences our mind and when we feel better we heal better.

Using massage as a preventative health care tool supports well-being. Whether it is for reducing inflammation, anxiety, depression, pain, stress, fatigue or to just simply relax, the benefits are extraordinary.

About Colleen Morris – Massage Practitioner at Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

 Colleen is a highly skilled Service Representative & Massage Practitioner with 8 years of experience beginning with Certification in Aromatherapy & Lymphatic Massage.  She continues to evolve with studies and certifications in Reiki, sound healing, yoga, reflexology. Self- development is a continual theme in Colleen’s life. Her communication, empathy, intuition & compassion to help others by being the best version of herself is in alignment with her joy.

Colleen has provided her services of relaxation treatments by volunteering with organizations such as My Sisters Place, a non-for profit organization providing a safe place for abused Women & Children.

In addition to her experience, skills and personal qualities, she has a passion for elevating each guest experience. Her detail to time management and working as a team and independently has provided her with multi- tasking skills that are adaptable to high quality guest services.

About Scandinave Spa Massages: Whether you are booking a Registered Massage treatment or a Relaxation Massage with a professional technician, your experience will include access to the indoor & outdoor spacious amenities, hot Baths, cold Plunges, Saunas, Steam Room and more. This Thermal Journey provides Guests with even more opportunity to rest and recover their body and mind. Learn more about the various Massage treatments offered at Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain here.