Jesse arrived in Whistler 14 years ago to pursue a snowboarder’s dream. Coming from a small town in Ontario, he was immediately taken away by the people and the surroundings of his new home. He made a name for himself by winning slopestyle contests and once Whistler Blackcomb asked him to be the feature snowboarder in their first action sports movie, Magnetic, he knew that all the hard work had paid off. “I belonged to Whistler and the loving community.”

These days Jesse can be found filming in the backcountry with friends and living out his dream of being a professional snowboarder. Jesse also dabbles in many outdoor hobbies around the Sea to Sky. You can find him dirt biking, riding downhill mountain bikes, rock climbing, snowmobiling and just about any adrenaline-driven pastime he can fuel himself with.

Aside from being an avid outdoorsman, Jesse is immersed in the community and contributes to fundraisers of any kind which help the youth or disabled in the Sea to Sky. “We’re a giving family and look out for one another! Giving back feels almost better than anything when you are surrounded by friends and like-minded people who get the same joy out of being here as you do.”

Serving as an ambassador to Whistler, we asked Jesse how he uses Scandinave Spa to rest his body and mind year-round.

As an athlete, how important is recovery for you and how does hydrotherapy help you both physically and mentally during your recovery periods?

Hydrotherapy has done more for me than many might know; after breaking my back and all my ribs in a dirt bike-related crash, I found relief and relaxation to be one of the best remedies to clear my mind and to help me breathe. Being an athlete can make your mind race and it can be difficult turning off your brain. You want to push against the odds every chance you get and that is often not the best practice when trying to get yourself back to where you need to be. Hydrotherapy has helped both my mind and body to slow down.


Scandinave Spa Whistler is beautiful no matter the time of year, but what is your favourite season to spa and why?

Every season is breathtaking of course but for me, it’s the wintertime. The spa coated in a fresh blanket of snow gives me chills! Figuratively and quite literally! In the winter, I enjoy the hottest temperatures of the circuit while enduring the coldest parts, getting right deep down into the body’s core.

Everyone’s routine when visiting Scandinave Spa is unique. Tell us about your go-to hydrotherapy cycle and which spa feature you never miss.

My routine seems to fall under ALL OF IT. I feel guilty if I miss any step and feel I didn’t take full advantage of the amenities offered. Each feature is too beneficial to pass up and gives you a feeling when you leave that is one you truly need to experience.

What is your favourite style of massage offered at Scandinave Spa Whistler and why? (Swedish Relaxation, Restorative, or Deep Tissue)

For myself, I need a full-body deep tissue. It releases all that tension that I hold on to and sometimes you need a helping hand to experience that (pun intended).

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