We’d like to think that pretty much everyone loves our spa experience. Steaming hot tubs, surrounded by pristine nature, and blissful silence, what’s not to like? But in a world where Jennifer Aniston is twice divorced, it turns out even the best catches aren’t for everyone. Do we take it personally? Absolutely not. But on the off chance you won’t love our spa, we’ve put together some 100% scientifically proven symptoms to self diagnose that Scandinave Spa might not be for you.

Digital Detox

Is your idea of a dream Saturday being glued to your laptop answering endless work emails? Do you often say to yourself, “I don’t check my phone enough”? If so you will absolutely hate the digital detox of visiting our spa. While using the baths you’ll be forced to take few hours separated from your technology. Just imagine, your poor phone will be buzzing away unacknowledged in one of our secure lockers. All this and you’ll be drifting off blissfully unaware that someone you haven’t talked to in 10 years has sent you a friend request. Can you survive a short break from the constant notifications of emails and texts from work? If can’t bear to disconnect every once and awhile, we’re probably not for you. A group of people in robes sits by an outdoor firepit


The average man speaks 7,000 words per day, the average woman 20,000. If you’re thinking, “20000 words, that doesn’t sound like enough”. Or, “I can’t imagine not be being constantly surrounded by mindless chatter”. Then my friend, we’re probably not for you. In our baths we have a policy of silence, so no chit-chat, no gabbing, and certainly no yammering. If you thrive on your kids asking you “are we there yet?” 100 times in a row, then you should probably stay far away.

Woman sitting crosslegged in a saunaP: Ben Girardi


Does the idea of feeling incredibly alive, then deeply relaxed make you feel anxious? If so, our hydrotherapy should maybe be put on your “nah brah” list. Soaking in a hot tub, plunging in a cold pool then melting your stress away in a hammock isn’t for everyone. If you’d rather hold on to your stressful thoughts and muscle stiffness, then you should probably leave your bathing suit at home.

people relax in a steamy outdoor poolP: Ben Girardi


But then again, we may just be for you. If you think you can handle a silent day of hydrotherapy without your phone you should give us a call at 1-888-935-2423 to book in a massage, or walk in for the baths, there’s no appointment needed. We’re open 10am-9pm 365 days a year, so we’re here for ya when you need it.