We live in a noisy world. We’re so surrounded by constant digital sound and notifications that you may not even realize the effects it is having on your state of mind and wellbeing. Learn the benefits of an escape to our haven of silence.

Think of the last time you experienced true quiet. A moment of peace without anyone speaking, the background noise of a TV, or an alert from your phone. Other than when you were sleeping, can you think of anything? You’re not alone.

Technology has made our lives incredibly efficient and connected, has also created a soundtrack of white noise in our day to day lives. Here at the Scandinave Spa, we value silence as one of the key ingredients to our restorative environment. Read on to learn about the benefits of internal and external quiet on your next visit.

P: Ben Girardi

1. You Can Think Clearly and Reflect

Turning down the sound around you will help you to better hear your own thoughts. At the spa we’ve removed the distractions so you can spend some time reflecting and thinking clearly, or sometimes not thinking at all!

2. It’s a Technology Detox

Our phones are often the last things we see before bed and the first thing we see in the morning. For many of us being constantly connected is a necessity for our work, so giving it up entirely isn’t an option. Savouring a few tech-free hours can help you disconnect from technology, and connect with yourself. Your detox time at the spa is just long enough to be a rejuvenating break, without missing out on key communications.

3. You may catch a few Z’s

Our hydrotherapy routine involves alternating heat, cold and relaxing. Our quiet solariums are designed to help you completely relax. Because you can’t talk, most people just close their eyes, recline back and enjoy the moment. You may even nod off a bit, the perfect way to recharge in our sleep deprived lives.

4. No Pressure to Think of Something to Talk About

Even the chattiest people need a break from talking every once and awhile. We maintain an environment of silence, so you can’t talk even if you want to. This takes all the pressure off of making conversation. If like many couples one of you is chatty and the other isn’t, our baths are the perfect non-verbal date day that you will both love.

5. Inspiration May Strike

Like when sleeping, experiencing deep relaxation can free parts of your mind that have been working on big problems or ideas. Solutions to problems that have been nagging you may become clear, or you could get clarity on a difficult decision.

Visiting doesn’t mean you have to take a complete vow of silence. Our cozy café is a great place to take a short break to chat with your friends or partner and enjoy a refreshing smoothie, coffee or iced tea.

Are you ready for your next escape to silence? Learn more about our bath and massage packages for your next getaway.