“It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There’ll be parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting, and caroling out in the snow.”-Andy Williams

William’s really encompassed the good tidings of the holiday season, likely snug next to the fire with a hot toddy in hand. However, under the sparkles of the tinsel and repeats of holly jolly Christmas songs, is the looming necessity to answer the question, “What are you going to get them for Christmas?”. A query that can dampen the holiday cheer quicker than stepping in a puddle with your socks on.

Searching for the perfect object to have each loved one jumping with glee on your list can be an arduous task. Especially that special someone who doesn’t really seem to “need” anything. Thanks to the information highways that are our phones, we have access to an onslaught of gift guides to hold our hands in the quest to satisfy each archetype— a cookbook for the chef,  the latest and greatest compass for the adventurer, the artisan crafted easel for the artist—but, it’s still just stuff.

And while the consumerism world demands that we care about this material world, those that seek solace in the theater of the mountains, more often than not do not abide by this marketing scheme. There seems to be a revolution of clearing out the clutter in ours homes, in our minds, and definitely in our hiking bags—for optimization.

The days of a tree with an underbelly that bursts with Pinterest worthy ribbons and bows is being replaced with gifts of experiences. Gifts that nourish each other through adventure and explorations that widen our perceptions and etch memories that last longer than any diamond ring or partridge in a pear tree, ever could.

Skip the stuff & ditch the anxiety, a holiday gift guide to support your loved ones in health and happiness.

Massage and Baths Package

The gift of pure relaxation. The hold-cold-relax sequence has been proven to release tension both physically and mentally, through increasing circulation, activating detoxification, and promoting the release of “feel good hormones”. The massage is a extra special cherry on top for pure bliss.

A kind gesture to soothe tired muscles from days lodged on the hill, a space to relax a busy mind between the work hustle, and a container to offset the stress that can accompany hosting the erratic dynamics of a family over the holidays season.

Heli Skiing In Whistler

Amp up the adrenaline and give the gift of diving into untouched laps with experienced guides, for full on-piste adventures.

Cooking Classes with the Barefoot Bistro

Acquire a new set of skills to nourish you and the ones you love, in a fun interactive environment.


Yoga Punch Cards

Connecting mind and body through movement. 10-class access cards to provide a continual platform for all-around health.

Snowmobile Tours With Ride Whistler

Have a partner that loves to snowmobile? Ride with the best and let the Ride Whistler crew show you around the infamous Whistler and Pemberton backcountry. Make a trip of it and stay at one of their beautiful lodges.

Backcountry Tour

Guided Backcountry Adventures

Increase ski and snowboard backcountry safety and terrain knowledge, while creating memories in the mountains.

Cross-country Skiing and Snowshoeing Passes

Share the offering of a pass for your recipient to explore the 130 km network of trails up the Callaghan valley. A moving meditation through the mountains.


Gifts in the form of creation. Spark the creative and book in a figure drawing class or inspiring loved ones with a cruise through the Audain Art Museum.

Experiences over things, always.


Written By: Taylor Godber