Let’s face it, we do not schedule time to prioritize rest and relaxation like we do other things in our life.  Most of us know that downtime is healthy time.  We just need reminding (or a helping hand to book it for us) so we follow through and have the time to escape the chaos of our busy, daily routines.  Read on to learn the benefits of rest and relaxation at the Spa.

What is Rest

We work too hard, we rush too much, we exercise too much.  We sleep too little, and we don’t practice other types of rest enough.  As a result, burnout, chronic fatigue, depression, and other illnesses are very real and are sadly becoming more common. What can we do to prioritize our health more and nourish our minds and bodies with new ways to rest? According to Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith, M.D. presented in her TED Talk, there are 7 different types of rest that can’t be fulfilled just by sleeping. Dr. Dalton-Smith says, “Rest is the most underused, chemical-free, safe, and effective alternative therapy available to us.” Here are the types of rest you can incorporate into your day:

Creative Rest: If you’ve ever felt like you’re just out of good ideas, you’ve experienced being creatively drained. Try this: Get out into nature. Take a walk through a park, along the beach, or go for a hike.

Mental Rest: When you are mentally drained, you may feel like every task takes twice as much effort to complete. Try this: Give yourself extra time to disconnect. Put your devices away an hour before bed and allow an extra day or two at the start or end of a vacation to decompress.

Physical Rest: Your body will let you know if you’re in pain or not getting enough sleep. Physical rest can be either passive or active. Try this: Plan time for professional self-care treatments like massage, chiropractic care, and acupuncture.

Social Rest: Craving some “me time?” Reach out to people who make you feel good about yourself and try to spend more time with them. Try this: Say no. If you’re feeling depleted, turn down an invitation or two and recharge at home.

Emotional Rest: When you feel emotionally drained, it can be a sign that you said “yes” to something that should have been a “no.” Try this: Take a “yes” break. Give yourself space to consider what you can handle by asking for time to consider requests before you agree to them.

Sensory Rest: You know the mild anxiety you feel when you get a notification on your phone? Chances are, you’re experiencing that kind of sensory input round-the-clock.  Try this: Turn off the notifications on your phone or even try a digital detox. Even five minutes can help you feel more refreshed.

Spiritual Rest: When we feel disconnected from the rest of the world, it can leave us feeling unmoored. Try this: Volunteer for a cause that’s personally meaningful to you.

Rest and Relaxation Spa Journey

Pushing through stress and exhaustion to meet urgent deadlines, finish a project, run to family and social engagements is often easier when you have incorporated time for rest as well.   Humans are not designed to be endlessly busy and on the go. In fact, taking time to escape our hectic, schedules, makes you more productive.  As Alex Sooiung-Kim Pang says, “Rest is not this leftover activity.  Work and rest are actually partners.  They are like different parts of a wave. You can’t have the high without the low. The better you are at resting, the better you will be at working.”

Rest and relaxation are priorities at Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain.  All aspects of our memorable environment promise time and space for your restful, relaxation journey:

Iconic Setting– Situated in nature, within minutes of the Niagara Escarpment and the shores of Georgian Bay, you will find space for Creative, Physical & Sensory Rest.

Thermal Spa – Immerse in a wellness circuit of hot>cold>relax that benefits physical and mental health, you will be treated to Mental, Physical and Emotional Rest.

Digital Detox –Disconnect from everyday distractions, notifications, and obligations to renew your connection to self, you will benefit with Mental, Social and Sensory Rest.

Honouring Tranquility – Time to notice what is around you to experience a deeper connection to how you feel will welcome Mental, Social and Spiritual Rest.

Plan Time for You

Don’t wait until you feel depleted to start filling your tank.  It’s ok to take time to enjoy all types of rest.  Book a massage treatment, escape to the Thermal Baths, connect with nature, read that book, and disconnect from your digital devices.   You will notice how the natural environment positively shifts your mindset and nourishes your body.  It doesn’t have to be a lot of time, even a few minutes of rest can help you be more productive, creative, and satisfied with your day.

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