A journey with Scandinave Spa

Imagine a summer where relaxation and adventure intertwine, where the stresses of everyday life are left behind, and all you need is a short journey to find your own oasis of serenity. Welcome to a staycation summer like no other, where the Scandinave Spa locations across Canada beckon with open arms, ready to immerse you in a world of tranquil discovery. A short getaway can be all you need to get back on track, to hit the reset button and feel revitalized.

In this staycation travel guide, we invite you to take a restorative retreat to one of our four Scandinave Spa locations across Canada: Whistler, Vieux Montreal, Mont Tremblant, and Blue Mountain. Alongside each location we share below some of our favourite activities to complement your experience, seamlessly blending the allure of Scandinave’s wellness offerings with the opportunity to immerse yourself in each unique local backyard.


Whistler: Nature’s Playground in the Coast Mountains

No need for a passport when you live amidst this West Coast paradise. Nestled within the breathtaking mountain vistas, Scandinave Spa Whistler offers a blend of peace, tranquillity, and awe-inspiring beauty. You’ll earn your time at the spa whether riding through the Whistler Bike Park or hiking up the heart pounding Ascent Trail. Before heading down the gondola on Blackcomb, you might choose to refuel at Christine’s Bistro with panoramic views across the valley below then afterwards head across the marvel of engineering that is the Peak to Peak gondola for more jaw dropping vistas.  

Or perhaps your legs are happy leisurely strolling about the village, savouring breakfast at the local favourite, Elements Bistro. Your legs will love you as you relax and unwind with a visit to the Scandinave Spa. After your spa experience, why not continue your relaxation with a stroll through the tranquil paths of Lost Lake Park, making your way to the lake to soak up any remaining long summer sun. Your relaxed mind might be receptive to taking in the rich culture and history of the land and its First Nations at the Squamish and Lil’Wat Culture Centre, or stop in for a visit at the Audain Art Museum, where you’ll find a spectacular collection of artwork from British Columbia and beyond.  

After all this you might want to head over to Pan Pacific to take your final serene rest for the night, where you can experience this all over again the next day with our collaborative Hotel and Spa package. There is nothing comparable to the hot-cold-relaxation cycle while taking in the fresh mountain air. Whistler offers a myriad of options that seamlessly complement your spa day, we hope this list has given you a good starting point.


Mont Tremblant: A Fusion of Thrills and Tranquility

Prepare to awaken your senses with the symphony of adventure and tranquility that awaits you in Tremblant. There are many options to get a bird’s eye view of the forest floor below. Take it high above and into the skies, and take advantage of the views with the Helicopter and Spa package with Héli-Tremblant. Or maybe you’d like to play amidst the canopy of trees by embarking on an exhilarating Ziptrek adventure with the longest ziplines in Quebec. As you soar through the treetops, suspended in the air, adrenaline coursing through your veins, your senses awaken to the wonders of the forest. If a zipline sounds a bit too heart thumpingly fast, the nearby Tree Top Walks slows things down a notch by taking you into the canopy. You’ll traverse around and around, reaching a 40-meter-high suspended net. Take a moment here to satisfy your adventurous side.

Return to the soothing embrace of Scandinave Spa, allowing the tranquil surroundings wash away any lingering excitement from your thrilling aerial choose-your-own-adventure. After the spa, you might want to further your connection to nature and immerse yourself in the vast wilderness of the historical Parc National du Mont Tremblant. With over 1510 sq km to explore you might want to plan a few days to camp or reserve a yurt or cabin. If you don’t like the idea of roughing it in the wilderness, you might want to take advantage of our Hotel and Spa collaboration with the trendy AX Hotel. Also, our way of saying thank you to our local essential workers, take advantage of our privilege program, saving you 20% for you and one guest. 


Vieux Montreal: Old World Charm Meets Modern Serenity

As you step into the enchanting streets of Old Montreal, time seems to stand still. Cobblestone pathways wind their way through centuries-old buildings, and the air is filled with an undeniable aura of old-world charm. In this captivating setting, amidst the whispers of history, lies a hidden gem: Scandinave Spa Vieux-Montreal. A sanctuary of modern serenity, where the past seamlessly blends with the present to create an oasis of relaxation like no other.  

Here you can find respite in the historic surroundings of Crew Collective Cafe, awakening your senses to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the grandeur of the architectural masterpiece. There’s much to explore in the culturally cool city, and a great place to begin is  Pointe-A-Calliere, the Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History. Deepen your understanding of Montreal’s rich history and vibrant culture, as you immerse yourself in captivating exhibitions that unravel the city’s fascinating past and delve into its diverse heritage.  

Then head to the Scandinave to combine this cultural exploration with a soothing spa embrace for a truly enriching experience. Afterwards, step into a world where tranquility and technology coexist with a stay at Hotel Monville—a haven for digital nomads with a sleek and contemporary design, where state-of-the-art amenities harmonize with the art of relaxation. And when it’s time to indulge in culinary delights, SeaSalt, an astounding fish restaurant boasting a great terrace in the Old Port awaits. As you savour each bite, soak up the final moments of your rejuvenating staytrip with captivating views of the cityscape. 


Blue Mountain: Nature’s Embrace in a Pristine Wonderland

Sitting amongst the vast landscapes of Blue Mountain, the Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain invites you to discover a serene escape. Only two hours northwest of Toronto, the area has everything you could want for your staycation. Consider a hike on the scenic trails of the Niagara Escarpment, or if you want to expand your horizons and explore more of Georgian Bay and the Escarpment, the Bruce Trail is close by, with countless loops to get you outside. With panoramic views and fresh air, hiking is the ideal activity to connect to nature and feel serenity sinking into all your cells.  

Another great way to see the area is by bike, whether getting to and from the activities in the valley or riding one of the 23 purpose-built trails on Blue Mountain. Once you’ve pushed your body and adrenal glands as far as you comfortably can, reenergize with some retail therapy as you peruse through the Blue Mountain Hamlet, or stop in at Oliver & Bonacini for a bite to fuel you up for your blissful trip to the spa. Cap off your explorative day at Northwinds Brewery before heading to one of our  trusted accomodation partners for an overnight escape you won’t soon forget.  

Scandinave Spa can anchor an unforgettable (and often necessary) summer staycation. With each location offering its unique charm and an array of attractions. The wonders of Canada await your discovery. Let your staycation summer become an unforgettable fusion of relaxation and adventure, with your tranquil oasis just a heartbeat away.

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