At Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant, there are more than 30 women who work every day to make the spa operate effectively. On site, at the reception, in the marketing department, in the accounting department or as the director, we are proud to promote equality throughout our company.

We’ve asked a couple of them to tell us their favourite spot at the spa and what kind of massage they prefer.

Éléonore,  Team Leader,  Customer Service

Your favorite place to relax at the spa?

I like to relax in the red sun room by the garden area, underneath a heating lamp.

Your favorite type of massage?

A Deep Tissue massage for 120 minutes. You feel completely  renewed afterwards!

Tanya, Massage therapist Coordinator

Your favorite placce to relax at the spa?

The  wooden zero gravity chairs. They align my back and legs for an absolute relaxation.

Your favorite massage?

A Deep Tissue massage with a good pressure to ease my muscles.

Nathalie, Customer Service Supervisor

Your favorite place to relax at the spa?

The red Solarium. The tranquility of the room is soothing.

Your favorite massage?

A Swedish massage to completely relax from head to toe.

Stéphanie, Accounting

Your favorite place to relax at the spa?

The large inifinity edge hot tub. The 180 vue of the site is beautiful throughout the seasons.

Your favorite massage?

I like the fluidity of the movements during a Swedish Massage.

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