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Scandinavian Baths

Relaxation at its finest

Widely recognized for their energizing and relaxing effects, Scandinavian baths and hydrotherapy are associated with many benefits. In addition to cleansing the body, they stimulate blood circulation and the release of endorphins. All of the senses are awakened; muscles are soothed; a general sensation of well-being washes over you. Immerse yourself… to emerge again feeling calm yet invigorated by the experience of the Scandinavian baths.

Every Wednesday, unwind and access the Baths for only $45.

Please note: The Scandinavian Baths are  offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Weekends and holidays are very busy at Scandinave Spa; Baths guests may be subject to a wait list upon arrival. For more information and regular updates, please visit our Twitter Feed. All guests must be 19+ years of age.

$55 Bath Access

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Relaxation happens here.

There is no better way to compliment a long hike on the Bruce Trail, a country bike ride along Grey County roads, a day on the slopes of Blue Mountain Resort, or a getaway to one of the fabulous accommodators in the area, than a soothing massage. Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain offers only Registered Massage Treatments which can be reimbursed by extended Ontario healthcare benefits.

We accept reservation requests for massages 4 months in advance.

Note: A review of your health history form will be part of your treatment time.All guests must be 19+ years of age.

All massage bookings include access to the Scandinavian Baths experience and robe rental for duration of their visit.

Swedish Massage

Includes Baths & Robe Rental

The different manoeuvres of this massage are designed to ease tension caused by stress, injuries or poor posture. Along with stimulating blood circulation and restoring flexibility to body movements, it procures an overall sensation of blissful relaxation.

$145 60 min
$215 90 min

Therapeutic Massage

Includes Baths & Robe Rental

This type of massage targets specific areas of pain. The movements are aimed at alleviating persistent pain and tension. It improves blood circulation, eliminates tension and reduces stress

$155 60 min

Duo Massage

Includes Baths & Robe Rental

Duo massage is a Swedish massage treatment for two people at the same time in the same room  This is a unique way to experience pampering pre or post the Scandinavian Baths experience. Enjoy some quality as a couple, mom & daughter team or girlfriend time by booking a 60 minute Duo Massage.

$290 60 min

Pregnancy Massage

A massage perfectly suited to the conditions of pregnant women. We recommend consulting your doctor before reserving a 60 or 90 minute treatment. It is also recommend to discuss your pregnancy with your Registered Massage Therapist before your massage. Includes robe rental for duration of your visit.

Please Note: The Scandinavian Baths are not recommended for pregnant women because the sudden changes in temperature can lead to complications. Please consult your doctor for more information.

$145 60 min
$215 90 min

Hot Stone Therapy

Includes Baths & Robe Rental

A massage that promotes deep relaxation. The basalt stones are heated in water, then placed on specific points on the body to warm the muscles.  Next, sliding pressure exerted with various sized oiled stones promotes relaxation of tight muscles. Chilled stones applied to the face end the session with an invigorating sensation. Massage therapy with stones is beneficial for blood circulation, the lymphatic system, and the immune system.

$215 90 min


1 877 988-8484

We open our schedule 4 months in advance and all reservations are made via phone.

What you should know

All guests must 19+ years of age
Bathing suit required
Reservations are required for Massages
Open daily, year-round, from 9am-9pm (Baths open at 10am)

Weekends and holidays are very busy at Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain. Baths guests may be subject to a wait list upon arrival. For updates regarding the wait list, please visit our Twitter feed.