Scandinave Spa is always working to improve our guests’ experience. This is why we are very excited to unveil our newest addition to the Baths circuit. Over the past few months, local contractors have built a new 1500 square foot bright and spacious building that houses an infrared sauna, relaxation solaria and large deck off the back which overlooks one of our reflective ponds. We would like to thank our guests for their patience and understanding during this construction time. Now open, guests can reap the full benefits of this new relaxation experience.

Why use a sauna?

Both dry heat and infrared saunas have a number of health benefits, from pulling out toxins deep under the skin to strengthening your immune system and increasing your white blood cell count. As you sit in a sauna, you will notice your body beginning to warm-up and start to sweat. Sweating does more than just regulate your body temperature; it pulls toxins stored in your fat and releases them out of the body. Saunas also work to prevent possible disease and premature aging, as well as helps with other ailments such as inflammation, weight loss, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. And let’s not forget, they just make you feel great.

You do not have to spend much time in a sauna to reap its benefits. Studies show that our body’s eccrine glands (the glands that release bodily toxins) release a quart of sweat a day; however, by spending only 15 minutes in sauna these glands will pump out the same amount. The new infra-red sauna will be a part of the warming process in Scandinave Spa’s Baths circuit, which includes 15 minutes of body warming to release toxins, followed by a plunge in the cold Baths to flush toxins and promote circulation, and finishing with 15 minutes of relaxation before repeating the circuit.

What’s the difference?

Now with two saunas to choose from at Scandinave, you might be wondering what the difference is. There is primarily one key difference between the wood burning (dry heat) and infrared sauna. Wood burning saunas heat at a temperature of 180-200°F (approximately 80°C), where infrared saunas have a lower temperature of 120-130°F (approximately 50°C). Rather than heat the air like a wood burning sauna, the ceramic heaters of an infrared sauna warms the body directly without making the sauna room very hot and allowing you to breathe a little easier. Infrared heat is the most natural way for your body to absorb heat from the sun and we’re excited you now get to experience it.

Scandinave Spa’s new infrared sauna, like our wood burning Finnish sauna has been fitted with cedar walls and bench seating. There are windows on every wall so you can enjoy the view while you relax. The next time you visit Scandinave Spa, be sure to try out this new addition and let us know what you think. We know you’ll love it!

*Please note that no water is permitted in the infrared sauna