More and more popular amongst high caliber athletes in physical rehabilitation, hydrotherapy revitalises the body, diminishes muscle tensions, activates the nervous reflexes of the spinal cord and has a beneficial effect on the heart, lungs, stomach and endocrine system. To really feel the full effects of the process, it’s important to respect the three steps: Hot, Cold, Relax. Absolute simplicity.

An indispensable part of a balanced lifestyle, hydrotherapy is used to alleviate the tensions of our daily lives. Practiced multiple times per week by professional athletes for its medical properties, it is also incorporated in the monthly lives of people who wish to simply relax and disconnect from the all craziness.

Hydrotherapy is so much more than just relaxing for 20 minutes in a hot tub. It’s an ancestral science with therapeutic properties. Hydrotherapy liberates the multiple tensions of the modern life. Due to the stress, we face on a day-to-day basis, sometimes it may become difficult to really take a break, for our physical and mental health. But what if your brain forced you to relax? Hydrotherapy will do exactly that for you.

  1. Stimulate the body. Evoke the senses.

The first step of heat, permits the blood vessels to dilate and the arterial pression to lower, all while improving our circulation. Immerse yourself completely in the peaceful atmosphere of the spa.

  1. Dare the cold. Relieve the tensions.

We often see the best results when we dare to get out of our comfort zones. The second step provokes the closing of the pores, trapping the heat in our body. It increases arterial pression, which brings the body to eliminate toxins and relieve tensions.

A method often used by high caliber athletes, the immersion in the cold is a treatment used often in the sport medicine world to heal acute lesions of the muscle tissues. It helps reduce inflammation, muscle spasms and pain. By decreasing your cardiac output and blood flow, it finally allows your body to completely regenerate.

  1. Live the present moment. Relax your mind.

The last step permits the cardiovascular system to regularise, stabilising the circulation. Following the temperate changes, your body will force your mind to completely relax and take a break. You will then find a sense of inner calm. Enjoy it. You deserve it.

A new energy, a total relaxation.

After a relaxation of about 15-20 minutes, you can restart the entire experience. It is recommended to complete the cycle at least three to four times for an optimal relaxation and to drink a lot of water to maintain your corporal hydration. To really maximise the benefits, finish off your experience with a Swedish or Therapeutic massage.

Relaxed. Your spirit is calm. Your body is re-energised. You are now ready to accomplish any obstacle that may present itself to you. With the certitude that once you take time to relax and center yourself, you give yourself the power to advance and push your limits, whether they are personal or professional.

Revived. Body and mind.