It’s 2015, and the Year of Wellness is upon us. People are beginning to see the true benefits of living well and how this lifestyle can work as a measure to maintain good health and prevent future illness.

The wellness trend has infiltrated many aspects of one’s life. People are making changes in their daily lives, in the workplace as well as travel decisions. Wellness is everything Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain stands for and we hope many people who participate in this trend will make it a permanent life change.

Spa WellnessVisiting Scandinave Spa is one way you can incorporate wellness into your life. In our recent blog, Using the Spa to Heal, we discuss how visiting spas that provide hydrotherapy as well as an environment of silence can be beneficial to one’s health and overall wellness.

Whether you plan to visit Scandinave Spa regularly or just a few times in 2015, we thought it would be beneficial to create a list of 12 things you can do to add to your experience.  Cross off several during one visit or spread them out over the year. These items will help you achieve your wellness goals.

1.      Make a snow angel in the snow after experiencing the eucalyptus steam room.

After warming the body up it must be cooled down. Making a snow angel not only does this, but it also brings out your inner child. Let’s be honest, it feels good to be a kid again.

2.      Book a 60 minute Sports Massage for après ski relaxation.

MassageWhile you may be using gravity to take you down the hill, skiing is anything but easy. It’s a workout that uses different muscles than the other green season sports. A 60 minute Sports Massage is an excellent way to finish your day of physical activity and will help your muscles recover quicker.

3.      Enjoy a cup of local tea by the fireplace in the lounge with a Tea Time Voucher.

Studies have found that drinking tea offers many health benefits. Not only is it a calming beverage that warms you up on a cold day, it also contributes to weight management, fighting disease, boosting energy, and reducing stress. Take a break from the Baths and enjoy a warm cup of tea.

4.      Sit in a Muskoka chair by one of the outdoor fireplaces.

Warm up by the fireWarm up by the fire in the winter or get mesmerized by its glow in the summer. Did you know that sitting by a fire, causes a reduction in one’s blood pressure? So pull up a chair and get lost with your thoughts.

5.       Visit on Unwind Wednesday to save $10 on the Baths.

Visiting the spa during Unwind Wednesday not only gives you the opportunity to enjoy the Baths at a discounted price, but it also takes you away from your busy schedule for a mid-week relaxation session.

6.      Brave a 15 second cold plunge in the Nordic Waterfall.

Are you daring enough to take the plunge? While it may feel like an eternity as you stand under the Nordic Waterfall, we promise that you will feel rejuvenated once you’re finished.

7.      Take a nap in a hammock.

Napping in hammockIf you ask people how much sleep they get a night, the majority will say not enough. Napping is an excellent way of improving one’s mood, alertness and performance. Take advantage of this relaxing environment and let yourself drift to sleep.

8.      Treat yourself to one of the items in our Boutique.

The boutique at Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain offers a variety of relaxing items you can purchase. Did you enjoy the tea in the lounge? Bring a container home with you. Wish you had the body products from the change room? You can own those too. Be sure to check out the boutique before you make your journey home.

9.       Stay overnight at one of the incredible local accommodations.

Giving Tree B&BCall your parents to babysit and turn your visit into a mid-week getaway. This will give you time to relax, unwind and reconnect with yourself and loved one. While many of us don’t do it, it is important to care for ourselves first. This will allow us to be the best parent, partner and friend in our daily lives.

10.  Book a Solace & Savour Package.

Everyone deserves to be spoiled every now and then. Treat yourself to a relaxing day at Scandinave Spa with a 60-minute Swedish Massage, access to the Scandinavian Baths, lunch at the Bistro and a stainless steel water bottle to take home.

11.  Bring a friend who’s never been to Scandinave Spa before.

Relaxing in BathsDon’t keep the Baths at Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain secret. Share the gift of relaxation with a friend who has never been. This is a perfect gift you know they’ll love. Surprise them with a day at the Baths or a gift card to plan a friend’s getaway.

12.  Plan a me day and visit Scandinave Spa on your own.

While it may seem like a daunting idea, visiting the spa on your own gives you the opportunity to enjoy the silence, self-reflect and realize complete relaxation. It is a completely different experience than coming with another person. Trust us you’ll love it.

We wish you all the best in your wellness journey for 2015 and hope the ideas we have provided will add to your experience.  If you would like more information about Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain, click here, to visit our website or call 1-877-988-8484.