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The Practice of Hydrotherapy

For many Spa Guests, the Baths experience at Scandinave Spa is a few hours of escape from their…

New! Introduction to hydrotherapy with a guide

The Groupe Scandinave Spa is introducing guided hydrotherapy to their roster of relaxing adventures.

New commission structure: increased revenues for massage therapists

Are you a massage therapist? Or do you know any massage practitioners? You could earn more revenue with…

Your Summer Relaxation Destination

It’s not too late to plan a mini vacation this summer.  Time away from work and everyday routines…

For Mother’s Day, a relaxing break at Scandinave Spa

How to acknowledge our gratitude and show our appreciation to all mothers. It is often said that time cannot be bought, but what about giving the gift of time?

Road to Wellbeing

For the past two years many of us have been struggling to adjust to a “new normal” of…

2 Cold Water Benefits You Should Embrace.

Did you know that taking a cold shower is good for the body (and mind)? After checking this article out, you should not see cold water the same way…

Take Time for Wellness

During time of uncertainly it is important to take care of our mental and physical health. Scandinave Spa…

Forest Bathing and Hydrotherapy: Reciprocal Bliss

As our world copes with unprecedented amounts of stress, our medical  systems will be overrun finding ways to…

An Insiders Guide to Reserve & Guarantee Relaxation

We have adapted to so many new ways of doing things since March 2020. Making reservations in advance…

Q&A with Ambassador Meaghan Sutter

Quite popular among athletes in physical rehabilitation, hydrotherapy revitalizes the body, reduces muscle tensions, stimulates circulation and has a beneficial effect on the heart, lungs, stomach and endocrine system. Scandinave Spa is proud to support local athletes to incorporate hydrotherapy into their daily lives and training regimens.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mark your calendar, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9th – and after a difficult and unpredictable year, this Mother’s Day is an important time to show gratitude to the important maternal figures in your life with some much-deserved relaxation. Whether you see her daily or have flown far away from the nest, we have gift options that tell Mom how much she means to you. To help you find the ideal Mother’s Day gift, we’ve rounded up some ideas that any mom will love.


An ancient practice that dates back thousands of years.