Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Take your love offline for Valentine’s Day; disconnect from devices, and forge a deeper connection with the person you love. Imagine spending time together (without smartphones!) truly connected in the present moment. Offer relaxation, away from all stimuli, by booking an experience or giving a monetary gift card redeemable from coast to coast in our Old Montreal, Mont-Tremblant, Whistler and Blue Mountain locations.

The best gift for Valentine's Day

Disconnect and be together at Scandinave Spa, Canada's leading spa destinations.

Disconnect from electronic devices.

The absence of electronic devices on site is essential to everyone’s relaxation. Disconnect for a few hours and feel the benefits. Smartphones, e-readers, and laptops belong in the lockers.

Cultivate silence and lose the notion of time.

The white noise of nature may sound unfamiliar, but silence is essential to achieve deep relaxation. Silence is the antidote to the constant stimulation of a noisy world.

Embrace an exclusive journey 18 years old plus.

We welcome guests 18 years and over, to dedicate themselves to our curated silent and free digital spaces. This opportunity for introspection and relaxation is our commitment to you.

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