Snow covered trees on the Forest Bathing trail at Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

Forest Bathing

   What is Forest Bathing?

Health & Wellness Benefits of Forest Bathing:

Forest air doesn’t just feel fresher and better, it actually is. Inhaling various essential oils, generally called phytoncides, found in wood, plants, some fruit and vegetables improves immune system function.

Scientific studies confirm that forest bathing therapy enhances cardiovascular and metabolic systems function. A little time in the forest can lower blood pressure and anxiety while enhancing feelings of calmness, happiness and cognitive function. Lowering your stress hormone cortisol, can even help you sleep better.

How to Forest Bathe during your Spa visit:

1. Guests are encouraged to access the trail before or after their spa experience. This complimentary, self-guided 20-30 minute experience is a relaxing extension of the Spa’s property. Ask for your Forest Bathing Guide at the Welcome Hut or Reception area.

2. The Forest Bathing Trail leads you through a series of marked posts (also known as invitations). The trail is a soft, accessible, well-groomed path and is approximately a 1km walk  from Post #1 to Post #8.

3. Once you have completed the Forest Bathing trail, you can return to the Welcome Hut for a delicious tea sample to finish your experience.

4. Enhance your visit with forest-inspired items & packages from our boutique to extend your experience at home. Specialty items include an all natural Forest Bathing scented candle, Forest Bliss loose-leaf tea, and more.

Like all things in nature, the beauty of this experience unfolds slowly. Quiet, mindful movement through the landscape promotes overall relaxation and rejuvenation, mirroring the results achieved while in the Scandinavian Baths Hydrotherapy circuit.

Learn more about the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy. If you prefer a guided Forest Bathing experience, please contact our certified Forest Therapy Guide, Beth Foster at